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Although the superstars from South Africa were discovered by a German radio DJ while he was on holiday there, they have always been rare here in Europe.

Now, on the 20th anniversary of their global hit "Indigo Girl" , Watershed is back with a new album and two older albums as re-releases. There is also a revised version of their smash hit, which is still played on the radio around the world and is everywhere.

Watershed has evolved stylistically, but they still maintain their own special sound: emotionally performed, energetic indie folk pop rock that comes across as experienced and sophisticated.

Memories of the beginnings of REM, Coldplay and the Crash Test Dummies are awakened.

The focus of the instrumentation here is on electric and acoustic guitar, which is particularly convincing in a mixture with the electric piano. Added to this is the distinctive voice of the singer and founder of the band, Craig Hinds.

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