Kofi Baker’s CREAM FAITH

Kofi Baker's CREAM FAITH

US | blues, rock

The timeless music of Cream, Blind Faith and the sounds that defined an era can be experienced again with a musicality that is unparalleled in finesse, quick-wittedness, innovation and subtle interpretation by the next generation!

Ginger's son Kofi Baker, a critically acclaimed drummer in his own right, toured North America in 2023 with the music to sold-out crowds and rave reviews. But Kofi started a long time ago, drumming since he was 4 and in his own bands in the UK since he was 14. He went on to be a session drummer for Tom Jones, tour with Jack Bruce, Steve Marriot and Uli John Roth (among many others). In 2020, Kofi shared the stage with Eric Clapton, Roger Waters, Nile Rodgers, Ronnie Wood and drummers Steve Gadd, Kenney Jones, Sonny Emory and Henry Spinetti at the London tribute show in memory of his father, where his solo brought the audience to tears. Kofi has also toured extensively and successfully in Australia, Europe and North America with Jack Bruce's son Malcolm Bruce over the years, where their "dad stories" provided additional entertainment. Malcolm is also an accomplished bassist with his father's talent and a music teacher who has recorded with Ginger and worked on his father Jack's last album. Malcolm writes, plays, records and tours his own music all over the world, often performing with many top-class musicians.

Last of the bunch is the young lead guitarist, who has big shoes to fill. But when his father, Mr. Johnson (married to Ginger's niece), named his son Robert Johnson, it was clear that the boy's future with his love of folk, country and blues was secured at The Crossroads. He is also a member of the band Motel Sundown and an instrumental lecturer at the prestigious University of Liverpool. Robert played a glittering tribute to his great uncle Ginger in Newcastle in 2020, supported Iggy Pop, played festivals, toured Europe and worked as a session musician and co-producer.

With these three bright lights, the audience is guaranteed a nostalgic, exciting and thrilling experience that will stay in their memory for a long time and make them want to see it again! That's Cream, that's MUSIC!

Line up:

Kofi Baker: drums
Malcolm Bruce: bass
Robert Johnson: guitar

Press Kit:

: Europe

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