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Impressive stage sets, crazy props, pyrotechnic effects, all kinds of spectacles and exciting stage actions, plus extras, jugglers and amateur actors in unusual costumes on stage – welcome to a Cats TV concert.

The band from Cuxhaven, founded in 1978, presented powerful German rock - almost worthy of a film. The idea of ​​visualizing their lyrics in a new kind of mixed media show with various stage actors was new. The first record deal was signed with the newly founded Metronome label Reflektor and the self-titled debut album made it into the German Top 50 album charts. "Temperamental rock revue" ( Tagesspiegel ) or "acts like an accelerant and hits the nerve of the times" ( Cuxhavener Nachrichten ) was the press's report, and there was a double page in BRAVO to boot. Although contributions appeared on various "NDW" samplers, the band preferred to consider themselves part of German rock. A whole host of national tours, festivals and radio and TV appearances followed.

By 2019, Cats TV were back to playing concerts and festivals, including at the Wattensound Festival. In 2020, the 40th anniversary of their debut was to be celebrated, which was ruined by the virus crisis, much to the chagrin of the band and fans, but a new perspective emerged. To mark the restart, the long-awaited new edition and pressing Cats TV ... die frühen Jahre of the first 3 albums on CD in a box will be released on March 11th, 2022, and the brand new album LOS! will follow on March 25th, 2022 on ON STAGE records. The tried and tested and successful line-up of Tom Baumann, Heino Braas, Burkhard Kuhn, Oliver "Olly" Lagemann and Stephan Wagner Krüger recorded 10 new songs in Pete Draack's recording studio in Altenwalde, under Corona conditions. This means that the studio work could only be carried out in stages and with a maximum of two musicians in the studio. 

With driving numbers like “Hallo Musik”, the Cuxhaven reconciliation song “Alte Heimat”, the socially critical song “Yacht” (“The yacht is full, you can’t get up here”), a planned successor to “Frank” (from the 1981 album “Killerautomat”), and songs like “Und Los”, “Deine Bilder” and the single “Hol Mich Hier Raus”, the guys from Cuxhaven prove that they haven’t forgotten anything and that the Cats-TV sound has lost none of its freshness – even more than 40 years after the band was founded.

The cats are LOS again! The "Los!" CD is available here and there is an overview of all Cats TV Shop items .

Line up:

Stephan Wagner Krüger: vocals
Burkhard Kuhn: guitar
Oliver Lagemann: bass
Heino Braas: drums
Tom Baumann: keyboards


Booking: Worldwide

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