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The label ON STAGE records GmbH produces physical recordings in the area of ​​rock music. We release new albums (CD/LP) with newcomers and professional musicians and offer professional advice with decades of experience: from the production of the master, to promotion, merchandising and publication. Cross-genre and at eye level.

ON STAGE records GmbH

"If you buy your favorite music, you own a real treasure"

Sound recordings delight music fans and collectors worldwide: they experience music as a valuable treasure that they can own, bequeath and give away. Records represent nostalgia and satisfy a longing for something to touch - calming in the hectic digital world.

Despite the streaming services, the record trend is booming: conscious music consumption and concentrating on one artist is also increasingly important to the younger generation.

Purchasing a recording is a cultural investment because it benefits the artists - many would have long since reached the end of their careers without selling recordings. Because LPs and CDs offer a sustainable alternative to the mainstream stream and offer their owners long-lasting listening pleasure with collector value.

The best-selling recordings from ON STAGE records GmbH:

  1. Ben Granfelt, Gratitude, 2023 - available here (CD&LP)
  2. Climax Blues Band, Hands of time, available here (CD&LP)
  3. FIDOplaysZAPPA, Atlantis & Elsewhere, available here (CD&LP)

Ben Granfelt, ON STAGE records GmbH, Gratidute album, LP