• ON STAGE records

    ON STAGE records GmbH

    Release of new albums (CD/LP) and advice to artists: From the production of the master, to promotion, merchandising and publication. Cross-genre and at eye level.

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  • ON STAGE tour service GmbH

    Our tour service offers a full service package: booking, provision of the required backline and logistics equipment, tour management, individual support for the artists, holistic promotion and creation of merchandising.

  • ON STAGE edition

    ON STAGE edition

    Consulting from our publishing partner Oliver Alexander: He has outstanding knowledge and is a well-known personality with a lot of expertise in the music industry in Germany.

    • Leo

      Managing Director

    • Hartwig

      Founder, A&R Management

    • Oliver Alexander

      Lead ON STAGE edition

    • Strong with agencies, promoters and content creators:

      Kilian from Monstera Music, Daniel and Gerald from Timezone, Ulrich Witte, Gernold Mangold, Marc Polman and many more

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about ON STAGE Group

    What is the ON STAGE group?

    The ON STAGE group is a leading European concert and tour organizer for rock music with headquarters in Bremen. Our services also include a record label, publishing and tour service. With over 30 years of experience and a strong network, we have established ourselves as an independent specialist in the organization and promotion of live events. Our work is based on extensive experience, specialist expertise, a high level of commitment and motivation, as well as a well-functioning network of clubs, festival organizers and partner agencies throughout Germany and Europe.

    What types of bands work with the ON STAGE group?

    We work with a wide range of bands, both internationally known and up-and-coming newcomers. Our focus is on rock music in various genres including hard rock, blues rock, jazz rock, classic rock, punk rock, AOR, glam rock, progressive rock and vintage rock. You can also filter for these genres using our search: .

    Does the ON STAGE group also offer concert tickets?

    Yes, we offer concert tickets for our events, for example through our partner eventim, which are available both online and at selected ticket offices. Our events cover a diverse range of rock music genres to ensure there is something for every musical taste. An overview of all current tours can be found here

    How can you get in touch with the ON STAGE group?

    We can be reached at any time via our contact form on the website. We are also active on various social media platforms where you can find news about upcoming events and exclusive offers.

    Does the ON STAGE group also offer services for bands?

    Yes, we offer comprehensive band services including tour management, promotion, booking and more. Our expertise and network enable us to provide tailored solutions to the needs of artists to advance their careers. About our business areas .

    Why are the ON STAGE group’s concerts and bands so special?

    The ON STAGE group concerts offer a unique experience that is particularly recommended by many visitors. On the one hand, this is due to our many years of experience in the industry of over 30 years. As an independent organizer, we have successfully asserted ourselves in the market and built a strong network that enables us to present popular bands worldwide as well as up-and-coming newcomers.

    Our events are characterized by a careful selection of artists known for their outstanding live performances. From established rock legends to promising talent, we offer a diverse lineup that will delight music fans of all tastes.

    In addition, we attach great importance to the quality of the live experience. Our venues are carefully selected to ensure optimal acoustics and atmosphere. From stage technology to event organization, we set the highest standards to ensure that our concerts create unforgettable moments for our audiences.

    Thanks to our dedicated fans and passion for live music, ON STAGE group concerts are not just musical events, but real community experiences that bring people from different parts of the world together. Impressions of the concert experiences are visible on Facebook and Instagram .

    Where can I purchase rock band records and merchandise?

    At each band's concert we always offer a stand with individual, partly signed products from the bands. You can also find a diverse selection of vintage merchandise and music collectibles from many bands in the online shop , inspired by the latest trends. Our collection includes a wide range of items, from classic band t-shirts to retro-inspired accessories, as well as an extensive selection of LPs and CDs. Are you missing a product or have suggestions? Then feel free to write to us , thank you!

    Our range has been carefully curated to embrace the vintage merch trend while ensuring quality and originality. Discover rare vinyl and limited CD editions from your favorite artists that will enrich your music collection and offer you a unique listening experience.

    Unlike music streaming services where the music is only streamed, ownership of LPs and CDs becomes part of your personal inventory. Not only do you get high-quality recordings of your favorite music, but you also get physical objects that have lasting value and reflect your passion for music.

    Furthermore, our sound recordings are not only musical products, but also an important cultural asset. They are kept in the German National Library in Leipzig, which underlines their historical and cultural significance. By purchasing our products, you are helping to preserve and honor music history.

    Dive into the world of vintage merch and music collectibles and discover our products that are not only trendy, but also pay homage to the rich history of rock music. Order today and enrich your collection with unique pieces that you will enjoy again and again. Discover our unique selection of vintage merchandise and music collectibles.