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Climax Blues Band, Hands of Time, CD

Climax Blues Band, Hands of Time, CD

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As far as new releases by the Climax Bluesband are concerned, things have remained quiet for a long time. The current line-up, which after numerous line-up changes no longer has a founding member, finally gives a musical sign of life with new songs with "Hands Of Time" and continues the more than 50-year band history.
The band remembers the instrumental structure that has been tried and tested in the past and their own groove. The charismatic frontman Graham Dee captivates the listener with his haunting, slightly scratchy but very clear voice during the songs. Most of the pieces have clear rhythmic structures, ranging from blues to rock, sometimes with soulful influences, mostly in mid-tempo. There are also a few ballads interspersed that can make the listener dream and once again prove the expressiveness of Dee's voice.
Neil Simpson on bass and Roy Adams on drums, who have been in the band for over 30 years, lay the foundation for the compact sound.
The band's veterans, Lester Hunt on guitar and George Glover on keyboards, bring a special touch to the unmistakable sound. With rhythm work and clearly played interspersed solos, Hunt dispenses with superfluous frills, preferring clear tones, while Glover not only underscores the songs with soundscapes, but also convinces with furious and sensitive lead work on the keyboards and piano.
The aforementioned Graham Dee on vocals and Chris Aldridge on saxophone and harmonica, who joined the band in 2012, certainly breathed fresh air into the band. Aldridge with strong saxophone solos is at times a congenial partner of Hunt on guitar.
A refreshing songwriting, which is based on the band's history, has breathed new life into the Climax Blues Band, which ties in with the band's times of success and will not only please the die-hard fans of the Brits.
In any case, with "Hands Of Time" the band has put together an impressive, varied album without musical gap fillers, which shows the musical strength of the band and proves that they want to really get going again. Purchasing the new work will definitely shorten fans' waiting time for an upcoming tour and probably even increase their longing for it.
(Text: Gernot Mangold)

Track listing:

01 Ain’t That A Kick In The Head
02 Straight Down The Middle
03 What’s Your Name
04 Flood Of Emotions
05 Top Of The World
06 My Music
07 17th Street Canal
08 Simple Song
09 The Cat
10 Hands Of Time
11 Faith
12 Hard Luck
13 Wrong Time
14 Getting There (Bonus Track)


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Artist:  Climax Blues Band

Label: ON STAGE records

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