Julian Sas

Julian Sas

NL | progressive blues rock

Rhythm & Blues is a bit like good whisky or wine – the longer it is aged, the more delicate it is. So it's no wonder that veteran acts like Status Quo or Joe Bonamassa fill the halls more than ever when they're on tour. .

One who has to be mentioned in the same breath is the Dutch progressive blues rock guitarist Julian Sas. His unmistakable sound – made up of his own compositions and covers of legendary R&B greats – has also been heard among the greats for decades and is still more current than ever. Lightning fast guitar riffs alternate skillfully with moving blues solos – and all of this in the classic “BDG” line-up: bass, drums, guitar. Absolutely old school and yet at the peak of modern audio technology – equally powerful in sound and differentiated in Sound.

The Julian Sas band, about which the online magazine laut.de writes:

“The Julian Sas Band is especially loved by its audience for their unbridled joy of playing at live concerts.” will tour Germany in the autumn.

To celebrate his 30th anniversary, Julian Sas and his Julian Sas Band will present songs from his entire repertoire , which he has created over 30 years and on 16 albums .

Line up:

Julian Sas: vocals, guitar
Edvin van Huik: bass
Lars Erik van Elzakker: drums

30th Anniversary Tour 2024:

Dates coming soon...


Press Kit:

Booking : Germany, Switzerland, Austria and neighbouring countries

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