La Villa Strangiato - the spirit of RUSH

La Villa Strangiato - the spirit of RUSH

IT | progressive rock

La Villa Strangiato is an originally Italian project founded in 2010 by Gabriele Ferrari as a tribute to Rush, especially to revive their music from the 70s and 80s .

With the help of musician friends, they played their first show in Rome in March 2011, dedicated to the album Exit Stage Left . After performing all over Europe and headlining the Rush EuCon (European Fan Convention) in the UK in 2014, In 2015 they toured Europe to celebrate Rush's 40th anniversary, with the show titled Rush 40. LVS toured with Signals Under Pressure and was invited to play at Rushest in Scotland, with original Rush producer Terry Brown in the audience. In 2017 the tour was a tribute to 2112 and at the Rush EuCon they played again with Terry Brown. In 2018 it was the Stranger Spheres (Hemispheres) Tour and in 2019 it was A Show Of Hands . For 2020 they had prepared Permanent Changes , but after only a few Shows, the tour was postponed from mid-2021 to late 2022 due to the pandemic.

During this time, the band has made a major change in the line-up and now consists of top musicians from the UK alongside founding member Gabriele. The band returned to the road in 2023 with the DIFFERENT Men on STAGES tour, where they played a major Enjoyed success throughout Europe .

Expect the unexpected with a fantastic collection of Rush material from the new 2024 tour CRush Under Pressure .

Line up:

Neil Smith: guitar, pedal bass
Gabriele Ferrari: bass, vocals, synthesizer, pedal bass
Dave Mackintosh: drums, percussion

Press Kit:

Booking : Germany

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