Extrabreit - 45 Jahre Extrabreit - 1978-2023

Extra wide - 45 years of Extra wide - 1978-2023

GER | NDW, rock 'n roll

Long before the Toten Hosen or the Ärzte there was a German band, Extrabreit from Hagen, the fathers of German pop punk!

Back in the 80s, Extrabreit were a controversial and legendary German band and in 1982 they were also the most successful with two gold records.

The book Extrabreit seemed to end with the melancholic album "Amen" in 1998, but the farewell tour turned out to be just a stopover!

The band has been active again since 2002. The album Peace was released in 2005, followed by News of Job (2008), which was celebrated by fans.

Extrabreit are in Bremen in November, enjoy a special, energetic evening with lots of hits!




45 years of Extrabreit - 1978-2023 // Christmas lightning tour 2023

Experience live:

November 19, 2023 EN Bremen Warehouse Tickets
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