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Culture is a pillar of democracy!

We at ON STAGE are part of the global culture sponsors and stand for tolerance, democracy and the development of independent newcomers.

The ON STAGE team stands side by side with all pro-democracy, tolerant and pluralistically oriented artists and fans worldwide. We support networks and activists working against violence and discrimination in the music industry, because every voice counts.

The rock concerts we organize should remain peaceful places where people can recharge their batteries, meet friends, be inspired and get intoxicated by people's music - regardless of skin color, gender, age, religion, sexuality and nationality!

"Democracy is under attack. It is under attack in every country in the world. [...] We are witnessing the loss of democracy as we know it. If you continue to pretend nothing is happening, humanity is in for a very hard time times before."

Quote from Sting : Comment to his audience, September 2022

Credits: Marc Polman
Credits: Marc Polman