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Atrio - Blank, CD

Atrio - Blank, CD

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Handmade, uncompromising riff rock that connects the past with the present - that's what ATRIO stands for.

The trio convinces with its passionate, honest live shows and reminds of bands like Rival Sons, Budgie, Garry Clark Jr. and Blue Cheer.

Coming from Giessen, Germany, the band Atrio combines classic rock sound with elements of blues, independent and funk on their debut album.

However, the album "Blank", which was already recorded in 2019, could not be promoted due to the pandemic and with ON STAGE promotion the band found an agency that supports the up-and-coming band to go their way.

Already the first songs, which are all original compositions, show the band's playful range. Crashing guitar riffs by Lars Gugler alternate with harmonic, melodic passages and choruses. At the same time, Gian-Luca Paris on bass and Sascha von Struve on drums provide a compact rhythm base, as it must be with a trio. Thus Atrio succeeds in presenting straightforward and no-frills rock that doesn't need to be pimped up by showmanship.

It is interesting how the band describes itself musically in the instrumental opener "This Is Atrio". From hard riffs it goes over into bluesy passages and ten more songs follow, of which the title song "Blank" shows that Atrio stylistically go in the direction of the modern rock bands like Rival Sons and also include elements of Southern Rock. Lars Gugler can absolutely convince with his powerful voice.

In the somewhat quieter "Through The Desert" Atrio goes stylistically in the direction of the independent division and there are definitely similarities to Audioslave to recognize. It is interesting how the band succeeds at the beginning of a rhythm, with which also film footage of a galloping horse could be deposited.

In the short instrumental "Taste The Blue" the Giessener let the listeners speak figuratively taste the blues, to then turn directly with "Can You Relate" in the direction of funky Southern Rock, which once again proves the band's playing range.

All other songs move stylistically in the spaces between the briefly touched pieces and show that there are also in Germany bands that have found the way from classic rock to modern blues-soaked hard rock, with a dash of independent.

It will be interesting to see how this trio, bursting with power, presents these songs live, giving room for one or the other improvisation. The new album "Blank" can be purchased here.

Track listing:

01 This is Atrio
02 Blank
03 What you want
04 Finally Alone
05 Through The Dessert
06 Lost Again
07 Taste The Blue
08 Can You Relate
09 Relief
10 Getting Away
11 Pull The Triggertitude


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Band: Atrio

Label: ON STAGE records

Katalognummer: OSR018

Barcode: 4260673693978

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