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Incredible Pack - Time For Decisions, T-Shirt

Incredible Pack - Time For Decisions, T-Shirt

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Pin for the Time For Decisions tour of the new German rock 'n' roll supergroup!

In 2017, Andreas Schmid-Martelle formed a power trio that didn't choose the name "Incredible Pack" for nothing. Looking at the musical past of the band members, one can guess that an energetic pack awaits.

Andreas Schmid-Martelle may be known to some die-hard German rock fans as a long-standing, driving member of the Jule Neigel Band. He also participated in jazz projects and blues projects. In an interview about 6 years ago, however, he already expressed his love for, as he said, honest blues music. It can be said that what you love should also be done and that's exactly what he does with Incredible Pack!

With Manni von Bohr, a German drum icon who stands for power has been with us since the beginning. His vita ranges from Birth Control, Alex Oriental Experience, Randy Hansen to Peter Bursch's Bröselmaschine.

Last year, Ufo Walter joined on the bass, who provided the deep tones with Randy Hansen, Alex Oriental Experience, Embryo, but also with Buddy Miles and many other bands.

In the past, they have proved that the three of them can perform well enough in various bands. Music lovers, especially those of blues music, can look forward to concerts full of power, which is to be expected with the rhythm section, in which the tireless Manni von Bohr plows the drums and the deep-pitched Ufo Walter literally introduces their frontman Andreas Schmid-Martelle will be drifting.

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