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Kofi Baker´s CREAM Experience - live in Bremen, 2CDs

Kofi Baker´s CREAM Experience - live in Bremen, 2CDs

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Kofi Baker, the son of drummer icon Ginger Baker, began his professional career at the age of fourteen. The excellent drummer, who is equally at home in rock, punk or jazz, worked in the eighties and nineties with greats such as Randy California (Spirit), John Etheridge (Soft Machine), Dick Heckstall-smith (Colosseum), Steve Waller (Manfred Mann), Steve Marriott (Humble Pie), Jack Bruce or Jonas Hellborg and also stood in the past repeatedly with his father on stage.
After various solo releases, the musician, who now lives in Orange, California, founded the power trio Cream Experience, with which he revives the genre-premiering sound of the Cream formation. Together with guitarist (and singer) Chris Shutters and bassist Bob Willemstein, he transfers the timelessly brilliant mix of blues, hard and psychedelic rock into the present in a highly authentic way.
In the context of the now available concert recording from October 2014 from the Meisenfrei Blues Club in Bremen, he presents selected highlights from the Cream repertoire such as "Sunshine Of Your Love", "White Room", "I'm So Glad", "Badge", "Spoonful" or "Crossroads" as well as songs from the (Cream) formation Blind Faith ("Presence Of The Lord", "Do What You Like", "Can't Find My Way Home"). With "Little Wing" the trio also had a composition by Jimi Hendrix in their top-class program.

"These are quite independent interpretations of the classics, the attempt to not just copy by any means succeeds, especially since the one or other lesser-known number fills the set ('Deserted Cities Of The Heart'); plus 'Little Wing', 'Can't Find My Way Home' and 'She's So Heavy'." (Good Times, December 2016/January 2017)


CD 01
01 White Room
02 Politician
03 Outside Woman Blues
04 Sleepy Time
05 I'm So Glad
06 Presence Of The Lord
07 Pressed Rat And Warthog
08 Do What You Like
09 Drum Solo

CD 02
01 Sunshine Of Your Love
02 Little Wing
03 Badge
04 Can't Find My Way Home
05 Deserted Cities Or Your Heart
06 Spoonful
07 She's So Heavy
08 Crossroads

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Band: Kofi Baker's CREAM Experience

Label: ON STAGE records

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