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Watershed - Elephant In The Room, CD

Watershed - Elephant In The Room, CD

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The album was written, arranged and recorded during the global Covid 19 pandemic. Craig Hinds had started gathering initial ideas in early 2020. The songs developed slowly and when he was allowed to travel again, he met with his bandmates in Johannesburg to further develop the tracks in joint sessions. "There was a lot of writing to do as emotions were high, families and couples were separated and 'times they are/were a-changing' as the legend Bob Dylan would have put it" (CRAIG HINDS).

The band consists of Craig Hinds, lead singer and guitarist, Howie Combrink on drums and guitar, Gideon Botes on electric guitar, Quintin Askes on bass and Paul Mc Iver on acoustic guitar. The musicianship on this album is incredible and the vocals predictably powerful. The song structures are original and the lyrics of each track are breathtakingly honest. Staying true to the form and style of this popular band, the ballads are meaningful and more emotional than we ever dreamed possible. Lyrically, Craig and the team have captured stories that are with us all every day and will be forever. 'Harbour' is balanced with an even distribution of up-tempo tracks where the sounds of mandolins, banjos, violins and ukuleles play an integral part in this incredible energy.


01 Empty Space
02 Undone
03 Elephant In The Room
04 Try Again
05 Love Song
06 I'm On Fire
07 Map Of My Behaviour
08 Wish Upon
09 African Stars
10 Stone By Stone
11 Keep Your Eyes On Me
12 Countdown (Bonus Track)

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Band: Watershed

Label: ON STAGE records

Format: CD

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Barcode: 4260673690953

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